Autumn Arch Beer Project is a local small-batch, experimental brewery located in Newark Delaware specializing in deep flavor profiles, edgy bitterness, and complex relationships. With fervent attention to fundamental brewing principles, a respect for traditional styles, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Autumn Arch produces ales, lagers, and sour beers of the highest character. Our brewery and family-friendly tasting room share the same space, placing you, the beer drinker, in close proximity to the beer brewing process.


810 Pencader Drive Suite C
Newark, DE, 19702
United States


(302) 294-1126

Th 3p – 10p
Fr 3p – 11p
12p – 11p
Su 12p – 8p



Strong Verbs - Hazy IPA
This Hazy IPA brings the focus back to the hops and the haze. This version in our series has a more subtle bitterness and extra dry hop addition to give the beer an extra potent citrus fruit aroma. This beer also contains a large dose of lactose sugar to add a juicy body and a light addition of pink guava to accentuate the citrus hop character.
ABV 7%

Back to School Pale Ale
A simple, crisp, and light pale ale for the remaining weeks of summer. This beer is best enjoyed after a hard day of yard work, during a relaxing afternoon at the pool, or after braving the mall for the annual back-to-school shopping.
ABV 4.5%

Saturn V - IPA
Classic example of a West Coast IPA; crisp, refreshing, and focused on the hops.  We dialed back the bitterness and doubled down on the dry hopped aroma. A light and refreshing body was achieved by adding pilsner malt to the grain bill and using 100% Idaho 7 hops to provide citrus character in the bitterness and aroma.
Ford F150 - 450 horsepower
Tesla Model S - 588 horsepower
Saturn V Rocket - 160,000,000 horsepower

ABV 6%

Route 40 Wit - Belgian Witbier
The Belgian Witbier (translates to White beer) is a light refreshing style to enjoy in the summer months. Brewed with unmalted wheat, this beer has a smooth and creamy body, with bitter orange peel and coriander balancing the spicy flavor profile of the Belgian yeast.
ABV 5%

Tripoint Pale Ale
A subtle tribute to the FUNKY aspect of our mantra.  We created a sessionable pale ale for the summer with a slight twist - using a wild yeast strain (combined with our hazy IPA yeast), Tripoint achieves a modest funk character and a fruit-forward flavor profile.
The Tripoint is a the exact location where Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania meet.  There is a stone marker at the location, which was originally defined by astronomers Mason and Dixon.
5% ABV

Newark State of Mind - Double IPA
A west coast Double IPA. Clean malt character and a ton of hops. A bitterness that lingers with every sip and a massive dry hopping of Columbus hops for a piney aroma.
8% ABV

American Blonde Ale
This blonde ale is a light and refreshing alternative to the domestic lager. Pours with a light copper color and a solid head. A clean yeast and malt profile, with a hint of honey from the malt.
4.8% ABV


Harvest Ridge Wines
Craft Root Beer
Soft Drinks
Juice Pouches


Thursday Aug 15

Bucky’s Tacos

Friday Aug 16
Baby Blues BBQ

Saturday Aug 17
Julian’s Mac & Cheese

Sunday Aug 18



Thursday Aug 22 - Bucky’s
Friday Aug 23 - Crazy Rick’s
Saturday Aug 24 - Baby Blue BBQ
Sunday Aug 25 - Julian’s Mac and Cheese


What beers do you make?
We boldly brew all styles of beer, but we are particularly fond of American IPAs, sour beer, and obscure German lagers.

Are kids welcome in the tasting room?
Indeed they are! We have several swell board games, a corn hole set, and root beer on tap for the enjoyment of kids and adults.

Are dogs welcome in the tasting room?
Yes, well-behaved dogs are welcome on Sundays! But there are a couple ground rules and best practices:
- Dogs on Sundays only
- Must be leashed at all times
- Must be comfortable in a slightly noisy environment
- Rowdy dogs will be asked to leave

Can I purchase growlers to go?

Can I get my own growler filled (Because I have 30 of them)?
We don’t discriminate on growler brand, so go ahead and bring your Pliny the Elder, 1st Edition 64oz growler. We’ll bask in the splendor together. Just make sure your growler has the appropriate warning label. #governmentrules

Do you have food?
We have food trucks on premises quite frequently! Check out the food schedule.

Can I bring food?
Yes, we are a BYOF brewery.

Is it easy to park?
Hell yes. Choose from the myriad of spots at the front, back, and sides of our 5400 sqft warehouse.

Can I have a private event there?
We can accommodate large private events in our tasting room Monday through Friday. Send us an email at events@autumnarch.com and we can help .

When can I take a tour of the brewery?
We have a tour schedule coming soon. But we also have an open brewery layout, so you can check out everything in the brewery from the comfort of the tasting room.