Newark State of Mind

A west coast Double IPA.  Clean malt character and a ton of hops.  A bitterness that lingers with every sip and a massive dry hopping of Columbus hops for a piney aroma.

8% ABV  


Advanced Profanity

A Session IPA; light and crushable.  This golden IPA has a low bitterness but still packs a piney aroma punch.

5% ABV  



This IPA has a heavier malt back bone than its west coast counterparts giving it a stronger golden orange color.  This IPA also ditched the classic California Ale yeast in favor of an English yeast.  Amarillo hops give it a more floral and tropical aroma.

6% ABV  


In Medias

A classic west coast IPA; dry, crisp, and easy to drink. Idaho 7 hops give it a strong citrus aroma and mild bitter bite.  Clocking in at 5.5% ABV, this is also an easy drinking and refreshing IPA.

“In Medias” translates to “into the middle of things”.  A narrative work beginning In Medias opens in the midst of a plot with explanations filled in gradually through dialog or flashbacks (e.g., Hamlet, or most Bond movies).  Similarly, this beer was created for the grand opening, but the Autumn Arch story began several years ago and the founders are in the middle.

5.5% ABV  


American Blonde

This blonde ale is a light and refreshing alternative to the domestic lager. Pours with a light copper color and a solid head.  A clean yeast and malt profile, with a hint of honey from the malt.

4.8% ABV  


Ride Lots

A golden saison with a slight yeast haze.  The grain bill is comprised of a simple malt blend with a hint of rye.  The fruity ester flavors are from a yeast strain harvested in the Walloon region of Belgium.

Eddy Merckx was one of the most accomplished competitive cyclists in the history of the sport.  A reporter once asked Eddy what advice he would give to aspiring riders.  His wry reply - “Ride lots.”

5.5% ABV  


Brexistential Bitter

Extra Special Bitter, or ESB for short, is a light and malty English pale ale with an extra slice of bitterness beyond the standard pale ale.

5.5% ABV  



This Oatmeal Stout is deep black in color, contains a solid malt backbone and a slight roast aroma.

7% ABV